Project Hope. Providing and promoting positive youth outcomes,
taking action for the betterment of our youth.

Success without compromise.

Our phenomenal organization works with at-risk youth to help them plan and meet goals of success.

A Ray Of Hope For At-Risk High School Students. Helping them to Envision & Conquer New Horizons


About Us 
Founded in 2011, Project Hope is a community based organization located in Connecticut . We provide at-risk youth with life skills through extensive programs that target positive youth outcomes. While enhancing their lives through mentoring, and academic programs, we are molding them into successful members of community.   

 Project Hope’s Vision:
 Providing youth with the skills needed to make quality life-long decisions and lasting contributions to their community.

Project Hope's Mission:  To improve academic success, self esteem, and social competence among at-risk high school students by providing school and community based mentoring, academic, and career programs that foster youth to achieve their potential.

- School and community based mentoring for students in 9th - 12 grade
- Peer mentoring – Matching high school seniors with college juniors in preparation for college
- Career exploration through job shadowing – matching students with local professionals currently working in their career field of interest.
- Academic Mentoring – Aids students with improvement of their academic and social skills
- Project Dream – Provides high school seniors with free and discounted services for their prom
----- - Provides free prom dresses and discounted grooming services to female high school seniors who cannot otherwise afford them
----- - Provides discounted tuxedo rentals and grooming services for male high school seniors who cannot otherwise afford them